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Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace


“My life is completely different now and it’s incredible. One of my best decisions in recent times was getting three of Master Wong’s products. Works like magic!” – Jennifer F, Vancouver

Lotus Liuli™ is one of the outstanding masterpieces of Feng Shui. It’s created by Master Louis Wong, a legendary 21st-century Astrologer.

  • Increase mastery of your energy
  • Protect self against negativity
  • Attract good fortune, success, abundance and positivity
  • Maintain balance and build greater control
  • Experience growth even against difficult odds

The Master Wong’s Lotus Liuli™ features ancient mantra symbols and craftsmanship. It’s popular among most people because it attracts good luck, fortune, abundance, wealth, health, and prosperity. It also serves as a shield against negativity and stress. It could be your bodyguard and help you achieve a better balance of energy.

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Frequently Bought Together

+Pixiu of Wealth Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace+Dragon Terrapin Liuli™ Feng Shui Art Piece
Total Price: USD$1,266

Increase Mastery of Your Energy

The Master Wong’s Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace is made through an ancient, sacred and secret process involving the use of Feng Shui to control your energies and maintain balance in your life. When this Feng Shui necklace is worn, the ancient mantra symbology and spells come to life and helps you master your energy unlike ever before.

Product Details

  • Item Type: : Necklace
  • Size: 4cm
  • Purification: : Blessed by Master Louis Wong
  • Material: Exclusive Liuli™ Glassware
  • Function: Attract good fortune, success, abundance and positivity
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Usage: Jewelry / Amulet / Hang in your vechicle
  • Necklace length: 45-68cm (Adjustable)

Protect Self against Negativity

As humans, we are filled with different energies which when balanced makes us a wholly-functioning entity. The Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace helps you channel and harness and channel your energy better to be more positive than negative. In essence, you attract good fortune, wealth and abundance when you wear it.

Attract Good Fortune, Success, Abundance and Positivity

Maintain your peace and keep positive energy that attracts good fortune, success, abundance, prosperity and good health. If you have the Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace around, then you have the ultimate positivity attraction item you will ever need.

Experience Growth Even Against Difficult Odds

The Master Wong’s Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace is not just like any charm necklace. It is imbued with potent spells and ancient mantra symbology from the East Han Dynasty of Over 3000 years. A wearer is typically shielded from negativity and will experience growth even against difficulty odds. It will work as a shield to protect you against unfortunate things happening.

Maintain balance and build greater control

Enhance all areas of your life by maintaining balance and building greater control. Gain mastery of your life energy through the power of Feng Shui when you wear Master Wong’s Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace necklace. Move from where you’re to the next level of growth and success.

Lotus Liuli™ Was Designed and Engineer by Master Wong

The Master Wong’s Liuli™ was uniquely designed and engineered by Master Wong. Master Wong isn’t like any other astrologer; he’s outstanding in the art. He has been studying Feng Shui for the past 50 years. Interestingly, Master Wong inherited wisdom through 4 generations.

So, every piece of Liuli™ is purified by Master Wong with Feng Shui energy. For every dime you spend on getting this fantastic Feng Shui masterpiece, you get exceptional value.

Hand Crafted Using a Combination of Feng Shui and Liu-li Artistry

Partnership with the best, leading Liu-li artists to impart ancient Feng Shui arts to each handcrafted ornamental piece. Each item is unique in design and energy concentration. Every artist working to make our ornaments a reality has years of experience behind them.

Usage applications

The Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui necklace can be used in a variety of ways which include the following though not limited to them:
Can Be Used as Jewelry
Wear around the neck for protection of self and shielding against negative energy. Draw good fortune, prosperity, good health and abundance with ease.
Can Be Worn as an Amulet
When worn on your person, it can shield you from dangers and serve as your personal protection from harm. Wear around your neck or carry in your pocket or bag.
Hang In Your Vehicle
Hang the Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace in your car or some other compartment inside to protect you from possible accidents or problems while driving.

Who is Master Louis Wong?

Master Louis Wong is a 4th-generation Chinese astrologer and globally-acclaimed Feng Shui master who took over his family business after a 20 year in-depth study of Feng Shui.

He has been featured on all major media platforms as a Feng Shui master who has proven how to leverage Feng Shui to enhance wealth creation, the stock market, health and relationships. His expertise and successes has helped him build clients in organizations such as the MCI WorldCom, HK Land, Sino Property, Exchange Square Financial Centre, Central Wang Fu, and all kinds of celebrities and international billionaires.

The Ultimate Feng Shui Masterpiece

Master Wong’s Liuli™ and other Feng shui accessories are designed to improve every aspect of your life. Whether you are seeking promotion, goodluck, protection, or a stable relationship, our feng shui accessories will grant your heart desires.



Can I buy this for my family and friends?

Yes, you can get this for your family and friends. It works the same way by providing good fortune, wealth, success and good health for the wearers.

How will I know which Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories is best for me?

All Master Wong’s Liuli™ accessories are imparted with positive energy from Feng Shui which means that they can serve as optimizers to improve your life even further. Using these items will lift your life to the next level and also protect you from any imminent dangers ahead.

Which areas of life can I get results with Master Wong accessories?

With Master Wong’s Liuli™ accessories, you will get results in various areas of life which includes health, relationship, wealth, career, and positive energy.

How does this improve my life?

Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace is made with Feng Shui practice which involves energy form control. When energy is channeled to be of a higher level, it attracts positivity in the form of good fortune, health, growth, prosperity and wealth.

Can it be returned if I no longer like it?

We don’t encourage returns because at the point of purchase, an energy connection is created between the accessories, Master Louis Wong and you. Each accessory is sanctified and blessed before it is sent out. Returning such an item will bring bad energy and karma into the equation which can lead to harm or problems for you.

What happens if it breaks after using a few times?

Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories are made to be tough thanks to the fired material – Liu-li, used in making it. If for some it breaks, it usually means that the accessory has just shielded you from some harm or accident. We recommend that you dispose it off because it’s been contaminated with negative energy and buy a new one with unhampered blessings.

How do i get my Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories after placing my order and how long would that take?

We have warehouses in the USA, UK and China and ship from these offices. For US orders, it takes 2-3 days to dispatch the item and 7 days for delivery. International orders take 2-3 days to dispatch and 15-20 days for delivery. Kindly check your confirmation or check-out emails for your specific delivery date.

Where can I buy Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories?

Please be aware, that as the business grows it does mean that we are vulnerable to fake accounts claiming to sell Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories. Therefore, when placing an order with Liuli™, please order from louiswong.com, as this is the only place in which you will find real and authentic Master Wong’s Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories.


1359 Reviews

Wiston C.
“Amazing how such a simple item could make so much difference in my life. I just wanna say thank you for this product.”
Susanna T.
“I feel a greater ease in all areas of my life and I’m happy that I got this.”
Marie B.
“I got a contract that I’ve been on for 2 years. It’s been incredible since I started wearing this.”
John M.
“Thing changed completely for me when I got this necklace, I had doubts at first and felt these things don’t really work. Now, I’m a believer.”
Stella U.
“I love this necklace so much. Things began to improve in my life after I got it. It really works.”
Lilian B.
“A promotion in my work place which I had been waiting on for 3 years happened in the first week of buying this Feng Shui accessories. I believe this works effectively and carry mine wherever I go. You never can tell where you’ll need it.”
Mitchell J.
“I have been married for 8 years now and for the past 2 years, we have been having a lot of issues. 3 months ago, I bought the Wong Fortune Charm and the rest as they say is history.”
Christian S.
“It works and I made the best decision by getting one.”
Adebisi W.
“If you need your private, very personal protection…this is for you. I have used about 4 of them because of how my industry is and it works great.”
Serah F.
“One of my best decisions in recent times as buying this. Works exactly as described.”
Tim W.
“I got this last week and already I have noticed energy around me. Looking forward to more good news.”
Sean T.
“I noticed a different energy whenever I wear it. My plan is to wear it under my shirts whenever I’m stepping out of the house.”
Mary B.
“Love everything about the Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace necklace. I was nearly mugged on one of the days I was coming back from office. Suddenly, the approaching would-be-muggers turned around and walked back the ways they came.”
Richie A.
“I’ll be back for more feedback. I haven’t used it much.”
Rachel H.
“A friend recommended this item because of its efficacy. Now, I can feel and see why. I recently got a favor I had been hoping on for long within days of getting this necklace.”
Marjorie J.
“My life improved since I started wearing the Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace Necklace.”
Stephen B.
“I never believed in these things until my brother got this for me on his last visit here. You will easily tell there’s a change in your life as soon as you start wearing this. My finance received a recent upgrade and I can only attribute it to this accessory.”
Howard G.
“I feel so much better in all areas of my life ever since I bought this product. Will buy more soon.”
Gina K.
“Getting this item has turned my life around so much more than I expected. This is unbelievable.”
Sandy M.
“It works just as described. I feel this energy whenever I wear this necklace….a very good, safe feeling. So far, I’ve no issues but I just noticed my outlook on life is more positive than ever.”

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Additional information

Weight 208 g
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 4 cm

Lotus Liuli Necklace x 4 (Family Bundle), Lotus Liuli Necklace x 2 (Duo Bundle), Lotus Liuli Necklace x 1 (Single)


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Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui Necklace
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