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BaZi Analysis Destination Consultation (30 mins)


“Early in the year 2020, when COVID hit hard, I had lost my job and needed guidance on the next steps to take in my life. I stumbled onto this website and it was my best decision. My consultation session revealed what my options where and what I needed to do. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and the solutions provided.” – Patrick W, Vancouver

Every individual has a life potential in them that dictates who they’re, who they’re going to be, how they act, their gifts, their strengths and weaknesses and character. A BaZi Analysis gives unparalleled insight on these potentials, both hidden and obvious. A BaZi Analysis Destiny Consultation will reveal everything about a person, including opportunities to explore and challenges to avoid or surmount.


When it concerns a person’s life potential, the use of BaZi Analysis can reveal hidden opportunities. Below are benefits you’ll benefit from a BaZi Analysis Destiny Consultation

  • Lifestyle – A more positive outlook on life in general
  • Wealth – Increased ability to make money based on your strengths
  • Love – Improved chances of getting the best person for your life
  • Career – Better understanding on the best path to tow
  • Health – Knowledge of your weaknesses and how to mitigate them
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Booking an appointment for a BaZi Analysis Consultation Session is something every person should aspire to do from time to time. Armed with information from this exercise, an individual would know exactly how to carry on with their life journey.

To get started, below are the steps to book an appointment with us:

Select the type of service you want
First, choose a service type

Make a Payment
Pay for the service you’ve chosen. Choose a service that fits your needs the most.

Fill in the form
Enter your full information in detail

Desire dates
Select a convenient Desire date for your session

Questions and Inquiries
Leave a message or make an inquiry and we would be in touch

Confirm your booking
Receive a confirmation of successful

Please note that there is waiting period is a minimum of 5-8 weeks.
Should you have an extremely urgent situation and need to expedite your appointment with Master Louis Wong, kindly contact us at +852 2838 3350 or [email protected].
Additional fees may apply.


How effective is a BaZi consultation?

It’s very effective for finding out information about yourself and what the future holds in store for you based on your present.

How long does a session last?

Typically, a consultation session takes between 30-45 minutes in duration. If there’s need for more time, it will be communicated to you.

Is the reading is to understand?

Yes, we ensure that you understand all aspects of your reading without the technicalities.

Will all my questions be answered?

Yes, every question related to your BaZi reading will be answered. The analysis is done with your best interests at heart. We will give you closure and advice on best steps to take for your life journey.

Can I switch to a different option even after paying for a particular one?

After making a payment, there are no refunds. Choosing another option will mean booking a new session entirely. It’s important to check properly before making a decision on service option.

Are your experts fortune tellers and mediums?

Please note that our experts are not fortune tellers, mediums or psychics – there’s no supernatural activity. Our consultants are professional destiny analysts who use a BaZi chart to understand your behavior, strengths and weaknesses and how you can leverage your talents.

Is my information safe with you?

Yes, we are committed to protecting your identity and keeping your privacy. All information about an individual entrusted to us is safe from any abuse.

Will I be able to improve myself with information from this reading?

Yes, a BaZi Analysis session will reveal hidden information about you – this includes your strengths and weaknesses and the possible options to take to improve yourself.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with a consultation session?

In a case where you’re not satisfied with a consultation session, you can reschedule a second session for confirmation purposes. Our expert destiny analysts are 100% accurate on their readings and any information revealed to you is most likely correct.

What will the consultation session cover?

The consultation session will cover the major areas of your life – health, wealth, love, career, associations. The consultant will ask you questions and use your information to provide you with a BaZi reading about your life plan and options.

What is BaZi?

BaZi is an ancient Chinese study of a person’s fate or destiny by analyzing the Four Pillars of their Destiny. The efficiency of this practice is undisputed and has been around for more than a thousand years. BaZi works by analyzing the unique characters of a person’s birth and gender information while matching them to a chart of metaphysical information based on the Sun and its elemental effects on them.

Consultation Details

  • Type: BaZi Analysis Destiny Consultation
  • Duration: 30 mins
  • Consultant : Master Louis Wong
  • Face-to-face Meetings:
    This consultation is conducted in-person and face-to-face. If in Vancouver or Hong Kong, these sessions are conducted at our private consulting rooms within our offices.
  • Skype & Telephone Meetings:
    Ideal option if you reside overseas and outside of Vancouver or Hong Kong.
  • Application

    A BaZi Analysis Destiny Consultation is necessary for telling a person’s life potential in their life journey. With this analysis, a person will be able to understand who they’re, who they can become, what their chances are, their strengths and weaknesses. This information will help an individual to be in the know of what life has in store for them and how they can influence it. It can be applied in different areas of a person’s life like – Career, Health, Wealth Creation, Love and Relationships, etc

    Features of BaZi Analysis Destination Consultation

    Consulting and mentorship

    Only through consulting and mentorship which is often up and personal will an individual get the best from BaZi analysis. To be successful, an individual needs to walk in the right path. BaZi reveals this information whether hidden or obvious. Our mentoring program aims to provide a person with the right information on their life’s journey so they can make the best decisions.

    Increased Wealth and Money Generation

    Knowing exactly what to do to increase your income-generating abilities is a super-power. With a BaZi analysis consultation as a guide, an individual can find out where they’re, where they can be and the best path to follow to get to that destination. With the right information and its application, an individual can influence their destiny in terms of building wealth and making money.

    Growth in Career and Business

    A BaZi analysis can tell a lot about a person’s best chances in career and business. It reveals both the obvious and hidden talents of an individual. When you book us for a BaZi analysis consultation session, be assured that you will learn what your strengths are and how you can leverage them to serve you. For instance, a candidate can learn early whether a career as a business executive or professional will be best for them compared to being an entrepreneur. Discover what the best path for your life is!

    Relationship and Love

    Knowledge about what the future holds for you in love and relationships can be the difference between making it work and failing miserably at them. With our BaZi chart, we can identify how best for you to manage your friendships and relationships. Typically, an individual’s BaZi chart will provide a clear insight on their relationship, partnerships and interactions with other people. This information will serve as a guide to seeking and growing intentional and mutually-benefitting relationships.

    Productivity Assessment

    There comes a time when an individual might want to know how well they are faring in life. A BaZi assessment can detect where there are lapses in person’s life – it can tell what a person should be doing as against what they shouldn’t be doing. As an impartial analytical tool, it can be used for gauging productivity and profiling candidates based on their traits, talents, and behavior. It leverages on the Four Pillars of Destiny based on an individual’s Date and Time of birth and how it matches the chart symbols available. Business owners will be able to recruit better workers and HR managers will have more accurate decision making.

    Health and Wellness

    Booking a consultation session with us will reveal information you need to be able to face your health and wellness concerns. Using BaZi chart analysis, we can discover clues and information on a person’s health and the best strategy to put in place to treat ailments. It simply shows a person their current health state and the actions to take to prevent ill-health.

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BaZi Analysis Destination Consultation
BaZi Analysis Destination Consultation (30 mins)
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