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Feng Shui Consultation (45 mins)


“Feng Shui really made my love life better. I’m currently with the best man in the world and thanks to Feng Shui, which made me realize what I had been doing wrong all along. I’m very happy.” – Jane C. Hong Kong

Feng Shui Consultation uses astrology to help us connect better with the forces of nature or star energies to our body. Star energy is associated with time and it’s important to note that star energy influences the body energy in different ways. Skillful manipulation of this energy can be used to improve a person’s life. A Feng Shui Consultation can be used to add a positive influence in different areas of an person’s life.


The benefits of going for a Feng Shui consultation include:

  • Improves your health and wellness
  • Attract wealth and good fortune
  • Find love, build relationship and enjoy marriage
  • Career and business growth
  • Build better social connections
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  • 90 Days Easy Return
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Booking an appointment for a Feng Shui Consultation Session is important for every person should who wants to live in a good state of mind and body and who doesn’t? With information from a Feng Shui appointment, an individual will know exactly what they need to do to live in peace and harmony.

To make an appointment, below are the steps to take:

Select the type of service you want
First, choose a service type

Make a Payment
Pay for the service you’ve chosen. Choose a service that fits your needs the most.

Fill in the form
Enter your full information in detail

Desire dates
Select a convenient Desire date for your session

Questions and Inquiries
Leave a message or make an inquiry and we would be in touch

Confirm your booking
Receive a confirmation of successful

Please note that there is waiting period is a minimum of 5-8 weeks.
Should you have an extremely urgent situation and need to expedite your appointment with Master Louis Wong, kindly contact us at +852 2838 3350 or [email protected].
Additional fees may apply.


How effective is a Feng Shui consultation?

It’s very effective for harnessing positive energy in your space and using to improve different areas in your life while keeping negative energy at bay.

How long does a session last?

Typically, a consultation session takes between 30-45 minutes in duration.

Is the reading is to understand?

Yes, we ensure that you understand all aspects of your reading without the technicalities.

Will all my questions be answered?

Yes, every question related to your BaZi reading will be answered. The analysis is done with your best interests at heart. We will give you closure and advice on best steps to take for your life journey.

Can I switch to a different option even after paying for a particular one?

After making a payment, there are no refunds. Choosing another option will mean booking a new session entirely. It’s important to check properly before making a decision on service option.

Are Feng Shui experts the same as fortune tellers and mediums?

Please note that our experts are not fortune tellers, mediums or psychics – there’s no supernatural activity. Our consultants are professionals who use astrology to read how energy in your space responds to your body energy which results to the outcomes that you experience in your life.

Is my information safe with you?

Yes, we are committed to protecting your identity and keeping your privacy. All information about an individual entrusted to us is safe from any abuse.

Will I be able to improve myself with information from this reading?

Yes, a Feng Shui session will provides solutions on how best to channel a person’s energies for better results.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with a consultation session?

In a case where you’re not satisfied with a consultation session, you can reschedule a second session. Our expert Feng Shui personnel provide valuable and verified insights that are 100% accurate on how to make the best of your life.

What will the consultation session cover?

he consultation session will cover the major areas of your life – health, wealth, love, career, associations. The consultant will ask you questions and use your information to provide you with a suitable Feng Shui analysis of your life plan and options.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is one of the oldest types of astrology which is based on the principle that there is a constant moving energy that pervades the earth. This moving energy is known as Stars influences our body energy which results in good or bad outcomes. Feng Shu objects are imbued with positive energy which can attract positivity into a person’s life.

Types of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has developed over the years and has different types. Each type is different from the other but overall, all types of Feng Shui believe that a person will benefit from the cosmic (star) energy if they live in harmony with nature. The 2 main types of Feng Shui are the Classical and Modern which are further divided into smaller types or classes.

Consultation Details

  • Type: Feng Shui Consultation
  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Consultant : Master Louis Wong
  • Face-to-face Meetings:
    This consultation is conducted in-person and face-to-face. If in Vancouver or Hong Kong, these sessions are conducted at our private consulting rooms within our offices.
  • Skype & Telephone Meetings:
    Ideal option if you reside overseas and outside of Vancouver or Hong Kong.
  • Features of Feng Shui

    Feng Shui has 5 elements which when properly placed in our environment; its presence can stimulate positive energy and increase our well-being. The energy map of our environment, also known as Bagua determines the placement of these elements which determine the influences on a person’s life. Below are 6 features of Feng Shui usage.

    Improves Wealth

    Feng Shui is used to attract wealth and good fortune. For years, many wealthy people or those aspiring to attract wealth have leveraged the power of Feng Shui to attract and maintain wealth. Feng Shui objects for drawing wealth can be placed in your space to harness and optimize the wealth energy to a person’s life.

    Attract Love

    Studies and research has shown that most people use Feng Shui to attract mates and build love with them. Most single people use a Feng Shui consultation for this purpose – a common example when using Feng Shui to attract love is to set fresh flowers in your Peach Blossom area. Of course, the year of birth of a person will also come into play.

    Career and Business Growth

    Improve positive energy in your career and business using a Feng Shui consultation. You will be advised on how best to arrange your space and how to arrange your items to minimize the presence of negative energy. It can help a person become more ambitious and focused on growth.

    Improve Health and Wellness

    Feng Shui when used correctly can improve your health especially for sick or older people. Placing your bedroom in the area of the house that has most of this energy can also improve your health. However, using Feng Shui is no excuse to avoid adequate feeding, proper exercise, sleep and other health practices that affect your state of health and wellness.

    Attract the best people to your life

    Feng Shui will improve your energy levels so you can attract people with similar interests as yourself. When Feng Shui is applied, it opens your mind to opportunities so you’re always on the lookout for people who share your interests, goals and aspirations./span>

    Avoid challenges and obstacles with greater ease

    Feng Shui will help you avoid problems and other negative energy issues. A Feng Shui Consultation session will reveal what you need to know to avoid problems in your life. Find out exactly what’s needed to avoid life’s problems and live your best life. Challenges are a part of life but knowing how to avoid or surmount them is a super power which Feng Shui can provide.

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Feng Shui Consultation
Feng Shui Consultation (45 mins)
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