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Speaking – Inviting Louis to Events (45 mins)


“We were looking for a keynote speaker who will handle our annual private class where partners from different parts of the globe usually gathered to deliberate on industry events during the year. A friend suggested we try out Master Louis Wong – he delivered superbly. Till date, we are still getting rave reviews from persons that attended that session.” – Michael S, Hong Kong

In addition to his other roles, Master Louis Wong is an intriguing and inspirational speaker whose talks cut across age, culture and backgrounds to deliver impact. Master Louis Wong share his life’s experiences, his knowledge and a wealth of other acquired information on the subject of personal growth and success. These talks are designed to push individuals to take charge of their life and live it to the fullest potential possible.

Type of Events

Below events which you can book us on:

  • Corporate Talks and Events
  • Private Classes
  • Commercial and Media Sessions
  • Professional Training
  • Personal Experiences and Learning
  • Subject Expert Sessions
  • SKeynote Events and Guest Lectures
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To book an appointment for a Speaking Engagement, simply follow the steps below in the order they appear:

To make an appointment, below are the steps to take:

Select the type of service you want
First, choose a service type

Make a Payment
Pay for the service you’ve chosen. Choose a service that fits your needs the most.

Fill in the form
Enter your full information in detail

Desire dates
Select a convenient Desire date for your session

Questions and Inquiries
Leave a message or make an inquiry and we would be in touch

Confirm your booking
Receive a confirmation of successful

Please note that there is waiting period is a minimum of 5-8 weeks.
Should you have an extremely urgent situation and need to expedite your appointment with Master Louis Wong, kindly contact us at +852 2838 3350 or [email protected].
Additional fees may apply.


How effective is this Speaking Engagement?

It’s very effective, inspirational and impactful. Whatever the occasion, Master Louis Wong is up to the task.

How long does a session last?

Typically, a Speaking Engagement session takes between 30-60 minutes in duration.

Can you handle any subject?

Yes, we cover a wide range of subjects. Simply, fill the Appointment form and we will get in touch with you for other details.

How soon can you get started?

As soon as logistics and other modalities allow. Once we receive your information, we started the process. Kindly contact us to discuss this and we will be in touch immediately as every client is unique and their needs different.

Can I switch to a different Speaking Engagement option even after paying for a particular one?

After making a payment, there are no refunds. Choosing another option will mean booking a new session entirely. It’s important to check properly before making a decision on service option.

Is Master Louis Wong a Feng Shui expert?

Yes, Master Louis Wong is one of the foremost Feng Shui experts in the world. Over the years, he has garnered a whole lot of experiences and knowledge in this field. You are guaranteed to get as exactly what you need when you book a speaking engagement with us.

Is my information safe with you?

Yes, we are committed to protecting your identity and keeping your privacy. All information about your event is entrusted to us.

How affordable is your service?

Compared to industry standards, our fees are affordable and we are also open to negotiating a favorable deal for you.

Are discounts available?

Not at the moment. We are not offering any discounts for now. However, you can keep in touch with our page to stay in the know.

What will the Speaking Engagement cover?

This depends on the subject matter at hand and the type of speaking session you need. We offer tailored topics depending on your preference.


Booking Master Louis Wong for speaking engagements certainly comes with benefits which include enjoying a purpose-driven session, a crowd-filled venue, and delivering personalized topics which are targeted especially for your audience. Our speaking engagements are objective and full of impact. To experience an event that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, get in touch with us today to book an appointment and discuss modalities.

Why Invite Louis?

Master Louis Wong has years of professional speaking experience under his belt. In addition to being a Feng Shui expert, he speaks truth to power in all his talks and workshops. When you book an appointment for your speaking engagement, you’re hiring a charismatic speaker who has the ability to inspire, educate and entertain an audience across every social divide. Master Louis Wong has appeared as a keynote speaker for the best corporations in the world and his talks are filled with actionable insights that yield results.


Professional Delivery

When you book us for a speaking engagement, you can count on us to deliver in a professional manner expected of an international speaker. We maintain our standard across board and we deliver the same level of excellence across board. We do not discriminate – not on age, race, culture or background.

Impact and Impression

We believe in delivering impact and creating a lasting positive impression on your audience. Delivering an excellent address means that we would be getting more business from other impressed individuals in the audience. Master Louis Wong’s life experiences, exposure and acquired knowledge makes him the perfect speaker for your audience.

Result-Driven and Goal-Oriented

We are dedicated to delivering a keynote talk that will not just impact your audience but also give them actionable insights in areas of their life where they need improvement. Whether you need corporate talks, educative lectures, inspirational speeches, be rest assured that we will deliver a result-driven speech when you book an appointment for a speaking engagement.

Warm, Engaging and Relatable

Public speaking engagements of any kind need to be warm, friendly and relatable so as to connect better with the audience. When you hire us for a speaking engagement, you can count on your audience being engaged from the get-go. Master Louis Wong definitely has the experience and skills to connect with your audience, mesmerizing and keeping them engaged regardless of the event type.

Affordable and Within Reach

We have a wide range of specially-created short talks on different topics spanning different disciplines. We can also cover topics in industries like Accounting, Architecture, Design and Property, Investment and Wealth Generation, Investment, Marketing and Sales.

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Speaking – Inviting Louis to Events
Speaking – Inviting Louis to Events (45 mins)
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