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Common FAQs

Can I buy this for my family and friends?

Yes, you can get this for your family and friends. It works the same way by providing good fortune, wealth, success and good health for the wearers.

How will I know which Lotus Liuli™ Feng Shui accessories is best for me?

All of our accessories were created using inspiration from Master Louis Wong’s art of Feng Shui which means they all have the same basic effects. We advise going for an accessory you feel a kindred spirit with. You may also decide to choose an accessory based on the labeling if it fits the function you need.

Why should I buy this if I’m feeling contented and satisfied with my current life?

All Lotus Liuli™”accessories are imparted with positive energy from Feng Shui which means that they can serve as optimizers to improve your life even further. Using these items will lift your life to the next level and also protect you from any imminent dangers ahead.

Which areas of life can I get results with Louis Wong accessories?

With Lotus Liuli™ accessories, you will get results in various areas of life which includes health, relationship, wealth, career, and positive energy.

How does this improve my life?

Lotus Liuli™”Fortune Charm Necklace is made with Feng Shui practice which involves energy form control. When energy is channeled to be of a higher level, it attracts positivity in the form of good fortune, health, growth, prosperity and wealth.

Can it be returned if I no longer like it?

We don’t encourage returns because at the point of purchase, an energy connection is created between the accessories, Master Louis Wong and you. Each accessory is sanctified and blessed before it is sent out. Returning such an item will bring bad energy and karma into the equation which can lead to harm or problems for you.

What happens if it breaks after using a few times?

Lotus Liuli™”Feng Shui accessories are made to be tough thanks to the fired material – Liu-li, used in making it. If for some it breaks, it usually means that the accessory has just shielded you from some harm or accident. We recommend that you dispose it off because it’s been contaminated with negative energy and buy a new one with unhampered blessings.

How do i get my Lotus Liuli™”Feng Shui accessories after placing my order and how long would that take?

We have warehouses in the USA, UK and China and ship from these offices. For US orders, it takes 2-3 days to dispatch the item and 7 days for delivery. International orders take 2-3 days to dispatch and 15-20 days for delivery. Kindly check your confirmation or check-out emails for your specific delivery date.

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