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About Master Louis Wong

The Master Louis Wong™ brand came to be in 1989 when fourth-generation Chinese astrologer and now one of the best world-renowned Feng Shui experts, Master Louis Wong took over his family business to start his own practice. This only happened after he undertook 20 years of practice to master the art of Feng Shui and learned its application for a more practical use.

He is a testament that hard work, study and commitment are ideals that can grow anyone. Today, Master Louis Wong has built a rich collection of Feng Shui-imbued jewelry charms which are capable of attracting success, prosperity, wealth, good fortune, abundance, health and good luck in life.

He has imparted the art of Feng Shui into physical products that can help individuals live their best lives by being able to control and channel their life energies to positivity. Wearers of charms, tokens and other ornamental accessories have testified to the efficacy of these Feng Shui-imbued items for protection and success when worn or kept close.

However, it was not always about spirituality with Master Louis Wong. He is quite the academic with a thorough education experience in the best schools in the world. Master Louis Wong has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in HKU (B.Sc. Mech Engr), a Master of Science in Management Science in the University of Keat (M.Sc. Mgt Sc), a Barrister in Law (HK) (Non-practice), a Post Graduate Diploma in Law, Manchester Metropolitan University and a Certificate in the Architectural Imagination, Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Business-wise, Master Louis Wong has been featured in many popular international media platforms as Master of Feng Shui. He has gone on to demonstrate and show the practical applications of this art and how it can be leveraged on to enhance wealth, drive gains in the stock market, and improve health, relationships and your personal life directly.

The Lotus Liuli™”products are made through an ancient, sacred and secret process. This involves the use of Feng Shui to control your energies and maintain balance in your life. When this charm necklace is worn, the ancient mantra symbology and spells come to life and helps the wearer to master their energy to increase positivity unlike ever before. Attraction of wealth, prosperity, success, abundance, health, good fortune and overall success increases greatly when these products are worn. His Feng Shui-enhanced products have helped individuals in different fields to gain mastery over their lives to better and happier.

Master Louis Wong has worked closely with the world’s top 1% which includes billionaires, international celebrities, business men and top performers in different fields globally. His clients include but are not limited to MCI WorldCom, HK Land, Sino Property, Exchange Square Financial Centre, and Central Wang Fu in Beijing.

He’s closely affiliated with the Open Asia Astrology Culture Centre which boasts of more than 10,000 students of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Master Louis Wong loves travelling, writing books, getting engaged in cultural activities and religious festivities. He shuttles quite frequently across his bases in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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